American Royal BBQ

The Americal Royal BBQ contest is a KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) sanctioned event. It is the largest BBQ contest in the world. In 2007, it was held on October 4-7 at the Kansas City stockyards. Over 450 teams entered the American Royal BBQ contest this year with over 70,000 people in attendance. The American Royal has both a invitational and open division along with a Kid's Q division. They also had sausage, dessert, and side dish competitions with a Texas Hold Em tournament and a Barbecuelooza Festival thrown in for good measure. All in all, the American Royal BBQ contest is a big event for any BBQ enthusiast whether they are a competitor or just a taster. The results of the 2007 American Royal can be found HERE.

If you don't know already, competition BBQ like they prepare at thAmerican Royale American Royal BBQ contest is the best BBQ you can get. It is better that any BBQ you can get in a restaurant. If you could not get by the American Royal this year and taste it for yourself, then just get the book
"Competition BBQ Secrets" and read about how you can prepare competition quality ribs, butts, chicken, and brisket in your own back yard. Many of our readers have gone on to win BBQ competitions of their own too! Get yours TODAY!...

American Royal BBQ










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